Better using space on estates

Some way of mapping available space on estates so it can be put to community use

No_avatar_small Submitted by Matthew Upton
Camden Challenge - Space
How can we use space better in Camden?

(Idea submitted jointly with Ciaran Farrell) This idea doesn't try and determine what the community does with the space, but is about letting people know when and how they can use derelict land, communal space etc. This could be a digital solution (e.g. an easy to use list or website) but could also have an offline element too. The space could be used for anything from small vegetable growing projects to a communal art display

  • Ben Matthews
    19 May at 10:30

    There's a space in Bethnal Green on the estate I live on that has been converted into a community garden. It was only through a neighbour being active enough to push this through that it happened in the first place. I could see your idea being a guide of sorts to what can be done in these spaces, listing what others have done already and then encouraging others to think about how they might use space around their estates. Might also need something about how to neighbours involved, keep them informed, get the necessary permissions, etc.

  • Ciaran Farrell
    28 Jun at 16:21

    I no longer want to be associated with the utterly ghastly Future Gov initiative which has turned into the sort of 'Omnishambles' so reminiscent of Stewart Pearson' s Thought Camp in Series 4 of The Thick of It.

    Daft positivity mind games, no notes or write ups of the first session and contradictory instructions for the second session - Well done what a waste of time, effort and money.

    I no longer want to be associated with this farce, so would you kindly remove my name from your website as being a part of this initiative.

    Ciaran Farrell

  • Ciaran Farrell
    28 Jun at 16:32

    Camden Council should invest some of its time and money in talking to the various local communities that exist in Camden and find out what people actually want from the Council. Then the Councillors should try to obtain it for the people.

    This should include talking to various health and disability groups about the awful lack of disability access and awareness at these Future Gov events instead of insisting on daft positivity in all things.