Co-location of older people's day centre (s) with youth provision

Joint use of building(s) by youth centre(s) & day centre(s)

Gary_cropped Submitted by Gary Jones
Camden Challenge - Space
How can we use space better in Camden?

This could be Council rather than VCS led. Older people's centres are typically used 9-4 weekdays; youth centres 4-10 weekdays & weekends. Adjust hours a little and co-locate. This is long term, re-provision idea as property is re-shuffled, modernised - refurbs necessary to allow shared use. Sell site (s), better use existing site (s), encouraging inter-generational work (e.g. IT, make do & mend, volunteering) give added value.

  • Alexander Kenmure
    17 May at 16:17

    I like this quite a bit actually. Given some of the more entrepreneurial characteristics displayed by many of our local older people, any mileage in older people who use these co-located spaces running them as well???