Crowdsourced Camden

Open up every council or community space to the public for 48 hours

Me Submitted by Carrie Bishop
Camden Challenge - Space
How can we use space better in Camden?

Opening up the council's buildings, public spaces and community spaces (maybe even including willing businesses) all across Camden for 48 hours will show the huge untapped potential of these spaces and give residents the freedom to do something creative in a short time.

The council, community groups, local organisations, and local businesses would all be asked to offer up their unused space for 48 hours over one weekend.

There is an abundance of space that is partially or totally disused, from offices that close over weekends through to disused garages, university lecture theatres, nightclubs that are dead during the day, and more besides.

Uncovering and mapping these spaces would be the first task, with a call out to local businesses and organisations to help make it happen. Then residents would be invited to come forward and book the spaces. From a quick hour meeting for a small community group to a full on art project to a silent disco to a charity auction to a local market to a recording studio to informal classes and workshops... the possibilities are endless!

This 48 hour event would be a catalyst to longer term creative use of space in Camden, proving that the community can make good use of the space available. It would show local organisations that residents can be trusted to take care of spaces that are donated, and would show residents that there is more than enough free space available to help them set up activities and initiatives that benefit themselves and the community.

Plus it'll be awesome fun - sort of like a crowdsourced festival for Camden :)