Play time -because life is already too grey.

Let's get adults playing again. Why do kids have all the fun? Games not gym.

No_avatar_small Submitted by Charlotte Roach
Camden Challenge - Space
How can we use space better in Camden?

There is a health crisis, people need to get more active. We know. But we don't want to. The options (generally gyms) are tedious, isolating and uninspiring. How did it come to this? Kids play all day long. We've found that adults can too, but there's no opportunity to. We want to build an adult playground, a social hub for games and free play. We're talking slides, tunnels, nets and swings. We're talking tag, capture the flag, cops and robbers and the rest. We want to bring the FUN back. Exercise should be enjoyable and social if it's to be sustainable. People will do things -if they want to. We'd like to create a space where anyone can join in with the games, the focus is enjoyment and not competition. But the science behind the gym workout will remain. Let's get Camden playing. Stop living and start enjoying.

  • Rachel Tyne
    19 May at 20:06

    Love this, I find gyms so dull and struggle to get myself to go. Would be great to play games with friends instead!

  • Alexander Kenmure
    20 May at 10:08

    Wonder if there is scope for an idea like this to be implemented in the same vein as