This is my place

An emotional search engine for spaces around Camden

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Camden Challenge - Space
How can we use space better in Camden?

Collect Camden resident’s emotions attached to local spaces to help people better discover new places in their area.

E.g. You might really love a local coffee shop. You would add this place to the This Is My Place app (web or mobile) and assign it an emotion, e.g. happiness. You can then build up a personal profile of happy places around the Camden area.

Other residents can discover these places too, so if they're looking for somewhere new that has made someone else happy, they can then find that place on the app. By visiting that place, it might make them happier too.

This could apply to lots of emotions, actions or characteristics of a place - happy, sad, angry, inspired, relaxed, focussed, laughing, thinking, eating, drinking, meeting, green, open.

There could also be leaderboards of the various spaces in Camden. e.g. top 10 happiest places in Camden, top 5 quiet places, top relaxing places, etc.

The app could also lead to clues about areas that need improving or people that need help. So an area that makes people particularly sad or angry might be an area in need of development to make it better or people there happier.

The app would be a mix of other ideas to create a new one:

This Is My Jam + We Feel Fine + Foursquare = This Is My Place

This Is My Jam (A place to put your favorite song of the moment):

We Feel Fine (An exploration of human emotion):

Foursquare (helps you and your friends find great places and make the most of your visits):

  • Ben Matthews
    21 May at 10:33

    Hi Lucy,

    It could do - foursquare would be a sensible one to integrate with as they have an API and could pull location data from this easier.

    An app that has done this to great success is Foodspotting:

    The others don't have an API and/or wouldn't be appropriate to integrate for this idea...