Opening up Camden's schools for community use

Ask residents "what's the most important community asset in your neighbourhood?" and many will think about that school - you know, the one they or their children went to, that's just round the corner. So why are the gates closed most evenings and weekends?

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Camden Challenge - Space
How can we use space better in Camden?

Local schools - the heart of any neighbourhood. Making better use of the space in them makes so much sense, but there are problems that would have to be overcome first, especially around security, access and maintenance.

But where new schools are being built, part(s) of the building could be accessible from the street and "locked off" from the rest of the school. These spaces would be part of the school during school hours yet usable by community groups at other times.

The spaces could be IT facilities, gyms, open halls, meeting rooms or hot-desk facilities, but all would offer a resource to the community.