BMX park/track

Olympic legacy, develop a BMX track to encourage cycling in the young and develo

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Camden Challenge - Space
How can we use space better in Camden?

A BMX track in Camden would provide a space for young to learn, have fun and compete. This would encourage cycling and provide an Olympic Legacy.

Many young people start off with BMX bikes and this would provide a space to ride, have fun and compete. This would provide opportunities for all, allowing those with low means to still compete in cycling and demonstrate their abilities.

It would not have to be fancy, just space enough for a track that would be open, possibly even an adjoining skate park. Encourage those participating to run regular track meets, occasional training days. Have the odd demo from a pro.

The area around Regents Park attracts significant numbers of cyclists so why not develop cycling in this area? You could even go as far to include an open all weather cycling track. Just for casual use and training, this could even be free and open to public use.

  • Peter Florence
    12 Feb at 14:45

    The Camden Town Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Strategy document states: “…Harrington Square Gardens are the most significant green open space within the Conservation Area, containing a good tree group, shrubs and lawns.” a BMX bike track in the gardens would involve building a bike track up to 3 metres (nine feet) higher than the existing garden level. This would change the whole atmosphere and nature of the gardens and would be against Camden’s own guidelines. It is also surrounded by busy roads and so a danger for children riding by bike to the BMX track !