Bring formerly used spaces back into use at Medway Court, returning the block to its original design as a proto Green Estate. The communal laundry on the roof, the playroom, the basement for bike storage / repair - all could be brought back into use.

The time is right to bring Medway Court's 'green living' spaces back into use

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Camden Challenge - Space
How can we use space better in Camden?

Many residential blocks in Camden were built with communal spaces that have gone out of use and fashion over the last 50 years. But the time is right to bring these back into use - for communal and environmental benefit. At Medway Court we have three of these - a community laundry on the roof, a secure playroom on the top floor and abasement that can be used for bike storage and repair. In a block of small flats all have great potential to create stronger community bonds in the block, save residents money, save energy and use resources more efficiently. With these initiatives alongside our previous projects to create a communal garden and a green roof - Medway Court could become a demonstration of 21st Century urban retro-green living