An index of all the spaces in Camden - simples!

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Camden Challenge - Space
How can we use space better in Camden?

You know the situation. You’re trying to get your neighbourhood or community ‘thing’ off the ground or maybe you have in mind a short-term pop-up project, an art event or a performance. People are definitely interested, but you’re struggling to find somewhere to do it.

You need a space. You need something other than your living room (how many people will turn up and is it appropriate) or the pub (who buys the first round?). Maybe you need a meeting room, a workshop, a hall, maybe even an amphitheatre; or maybe you just need a sheltered spot - just in case it rains.

Find the answer in SpaceBase.

There IS space in Camden. We see it every day. Empty spaces in buildings, offices, schools & colleges, universities, stations, hotels, Council depots; empty spaces in parks, green spaces, neighbourhood squares, historic buildings, and on and on.

SpaceBase is an index of all these things.

Imagine a page in SpaceBase for every space. It tells you where it is, what it is, how big it is, what it can be used for, hours and days of opening, who you need to ask to use it, how you book it, if you qualify to use it, is it free or pay, and anything else that might be useful.

Q. How does the information get into SpaceBase?

A. We put it there!

We build it much like the way Wikipedia is built, and continues to be built. We contribute our knowledge about space to SpaceBase either by creating a space page in SpaceBase for every space we know about or by adding/amending/updating a space page that already exists with our knowledge and facts (and feedback I guess).

SpaceBase can start small with just a few spaces and then grow as more people discover it – contributing to and using the knowledge it contains. Once it reaches a critical mass it should then become self-sustaining – let’s find out