Floating arts & crafts market

The floating arts and crafts market along Regents Canal will be a place for young and aspiring artists, designers, jewellery makers and fashionistas; to make, showcase and sell their work. Most artists and designers struggle to find workspace and market selling space due to lengthy waiting lists, increasing rent costs and limited space available. The floating arts & crafts market will be a new outlet for Camdens talented designers to sell their work to Camden's residents and visitors alike. It will be a valuable asset to this innovative and vibrant borough, not just for its proud residents and designers but also for Camden's economic growth, development, regeneration and community cohesion. Regents Canal is frequented by residents and tourists who use it for recreational strolls and a pleaseant throughfare to Camden lock. It is also an overlooked space which has the potential to be developed into a lucrative market place and an innvoative and fresh tourist attraction.

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Camden Challenge - Space
How can we use space better in Camden?

The floating market will charge sellers no/or subsidised rent costs and there will be no waiting lists = more accessible to those on lower incomes. Designers and market stall space will be picked on a rotation or random draw basis so that everyone gets a chance to demonstrate their skills. Disused canal boats and floating decking can be used to construct the floating market- river space cheaper than street/office space. The floating market will not only get more people in Camden earning money it can also be used for teaching purposes. The floating market will develop into a tourist attraction, further benefiting Camdens economic growth.