artFix is about using empty shop spaces to host consecutive artistic experiences

Neris Submitted by Georgios Neris
Camden Challenge - Space
How can we use space better in Camden?

The Problem: Many Camden High street shops are empty and commercial property owners and the local Council seek to find ways to utilize the spaces.

The Opportunity: London is the cultural centre of the world and people - residents and tourists enjoy the arts. Creative Industry is the second most powerful sector in the UK. However, 90% of people don’t consume art, because they find the procedure of planning and booking difficult, theatre tickets expensive, art spaces unfamiliar and the arts irrelevant to them.

The Solution: By creating artFix spaces in the empty stores, everyone can drop in and enjoy art slot easily and affordably, anytime and anyplace. We bring original, high-quality art of all forms (exhibits, music, dance, theatre, fine & visual arts, deign, film, screenings, workshops) in diverse and dense fixes of 20’min. Audiences can consume art spontaneously during their lunch break, shopping or walk at everyday places reviving the high streets and the local markets.