Use the derelict edges and boundaries to make connections

Use the edges as meeting points

No_avatar_small Submitted by Pandora Vaughan
Camden Challenge - Space
How can we use space better in Camden?

The edges and boundaries of controlled public spaces such as hospitals can be a bit fortress like and create dead zones in communities. I proposed examining these, starting with the Royal Free Hospital or another amenable institution. Doing a sensory audit - sounds, visuals, colours, atmosphere, of the edges and asking questions about how the edge impacts on the neighbouring areas. The through a mapping of these and arts workshops, develop a series of events and interventions which create bridges or windows from one territory to another. Permanent proposals which might emerge could include planting, artworks, interpretation, maps and history, food growing or other interactivity. A proposal this extensive would be great to link in with local arts institutions such as Camden Arts Centre, Freud Museum, Zabludowich Collection, Keats House or one of the National Trust properties.