Camden Movie Club

Take one projector, some unused space and a good movie. Simple and fun!

No_avatar_small Submitted by Swathi Sethuraman
Camden Challenge - Space
How can we use space better in Camden?

Think Film4 at Somerset House, but indoors and on a projector. It doesn't sound like much but it's a way for people to share in something they have in common- a love of good movies.

Ok so it's not going to save the world or help people find a job or anything, but everyone needs a little bit of timeout! You may even get to know your neighbours! Imagine the possibilities!

Every week a movie is chosen. The space is used to screen the movie. A nominal fee of about £2 could be charged to help buy things like cushions, bean bags and chairs.

Then just sit back and enjoy the film!

Movie Clubs could be hosted around different areas of Camden. There could be themes, like horror movies for Halloween and Christmas movies in July. There could even be a special kids club at the weekend!

Anyway, if you've made it this far down the description I think you may just get the point so I'll leave you to deliberate and reminisce about your favourite movies!