SNOOP DOGGY DOO - An online platform for reporting dog poo and other littering

Fun interactive online space to highlight the problem of dog poo and littering

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Camden Challenge - Space
How can we use space better in Camden?

This project is about reclaiming space allowing residents to look around enjoy architecture and plant life rather than concentrate firmly on the floor in front of us.

In 2012 Camden spent £9 million on cleaning the streets which was a saving of £3.7 million from the year before (1). There is an £80 fine (2) for dog fouling and a maximum of £2500 (3) for littering. Increased austerity from central government mean higher priorities than mucky pups. The proposal is for a website which unites and engages community members including 1. Muck map (4). 2. *hit parade top ten of worst streets. The site would help target the most affected areas. Partners may include Camden New Journal and local residents groups.

There are a number of Keep Britain Tidy campaigns (no such thing as the) ‘Dog Poo Fairy’ and ‘Kärcher Cleans Britain’ this could link to. The intention is to not to point blame but to engage with the problem meaning cleaner pavements and more investment in Camden.