Make a difference... on your doorstep

Let's use the skills & goodwill of Camden residents - for Camden residents!

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Camden Challenge - Thrive
What can we do to support people on low incomes in Camden to thrive?

We can create a compassionate borough where people understand each other, understand how they can make a difference and understand how powerful their contribution can be.

Lots of people want to make a difference on their doorstep but don't know how to go about it. Let's make it easy!

In Camden, there are lots of wealthy people and busineses with an interest in making a difference and being more connected to their community. There are also lots of people who would welcome a helping hand, or could do with plugging into the social capital of their wealthier neighbours.

By coordinating volunteering, coaching and mentoring, work experience and skills swapping, the council can increase its capacity, reach, engagement and cohesion.

With good technology (reflected on websites such as time bank) we can match givers with recipients and create compassionate, informed and resilient, sustainable communities.