shared access to employment - partnering unemployed young people with unemployed people with learning disabilities

combine employment needs of the young with support needs of disabled people

Richard_2 Submitted by Richard Lohan
Camden Challenge - Thrive
What can we do to support people on low incomes in Camden to thrive?

here is a disturbing (and approximate) statistic - 10% of young people are unemployed, 10% of adults with learning disabilities are in some kind of employment

this shows that however hard things are for young people in the current economic climate, they remain, as always, that much harder for disabled people

one of the biggest access to employment issues for people with disabilities is their need for ongoing support as opposed to limited initial support from people like 'access to work' - we have to accept that many people will always need support to do a job and putting a time limit on this support is unfair and short-sighted

my idea is to create shared roles where 2 people (one young person and one disabled person) learn together how to do a job and support each other to get the job done - the young person will gain invaluable experience in support, communication, negotiation, planning etc. and the disabled person will be given the chance to access employment with the right level of ongoing support

this idea would meet the challenge by starting young and disabled people on an employment/career path which could, in good time, give them opportunities to escape the benefit trap, earn more and have some hope for the future

  • Richard Lohan
    21 May at 10:57

    I think this idea would need support from the council - i.e. they need to put their money where there mouth is (re Camden Plan, ongoing commitment to inclusion, commitment to spirit of DDA, making reasonable adjustments etc.). I guess we could approach a range of employers but I really think the Council needs to lead the way on this. If we can't lead by example, why should anyone follow? Maybe there's a conversation to be had between local and national government re access to work for disabled people and how funds are distributed. I think we need to develop a future-proof strategy around's not going to go away and maybe it's time we set the standards that others can aspire to in this particular area!