To bring a positive change we need to use community development as a tool

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Camden Challenge - Thrive
What can we do to support people on low incomes in Camden to thrive?

I believe that community development approach is one of the best key to change this situation because it purpose is to bring a positive change within the community firstly by understanding it needs and issues affecting the people living within it in a holistic way. We can use the last census made in Camden in order to do community profiling, by then we will be able the reason why different groups are living in poverty. Therefore from this step we will be able to plan and do different recommendations according to different reasons causing different groups to live in poverty. It can be due to lack of qualification, due to health issues, low payed jod,social exclusion, lack of job, homelessness, drug or alcohol addiction, poor environment, immigration issue, crime or personal life experience. After Identifying the reason why they live in poverty, we will need to bring the community together in order to empower them to become able to understand different effects of living in poverty and also encourage them to do something to change their life, future and their community. This can done by running different campaigns or even visiting them at home, churches by getting community leaders involve. In all I believe that education is the fundamental key to develop a community. Actually My idea can be different from others but I think that it's good to mix up different ideas as it will help us to change our community which is camden