In Your Shoes

Promoting learning and empathy by taking on someone else's role for a day.

Me Submitted by Harriet McDougall
Camden Challenge - Thrive
What can we do to support people on low incomes in Camden to thrive?

Give people the opportunity to experience 'a day in the life' of somebody else in the community, with an aim of promoting tolerance, knowledge and understanding across generations, cultures and life circumstance.

This could be a young person spending the day with an elderly person going about their lives or in a care home; a member of the council pairing with a benefits claimant, or an NHS employee spending the day with a domestic carer.

We could begin with a community networking service called 'whose shoes' which could promote the idea through community networks- schools, the voluntary sector etc. We could design a platform to pair people up for a day or longer, and the use it to share stories and sustain mentorship programmes afterwards.