Advanced people skills in Camden charities

Getting people with great people skills involved in their communities

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Camden Challenge - Thrive
What can we do to support people on low incomes in Camden to thrive?

The idea is to get people from low incomes in Camden involved in local community organisations that they care about, that could make use of their skills. It's about giving people the opportunity to get work experience on their CV, make new connections in the community and feel a part of something!

Working with local organisations, we recruit people with great people skills. We then offer them training in managing volunteers, and they volunteer their time for a Camden community organisation to help coordinator their volunteers. This allows the organisations to be able to recruit and involve more volunteers, resulting in more people getting involved to help out in the local community.

It's a different approach because it's all about working with people in their communities to take an active role, it's about giving people who have great communication skills and passion for communities the training and experiences to harness these skills, and donate their time to using them for the benefit of others in the community.

Obviously this helps people develop CV's. One volunteer on the project has got a job now as a paid volunteer coordinator!!! But it's about more than that. It's about developing new social networks, it's about increasing the number of people you know and interact with, it's about working with organisations who are already supporting the most vulnerable in society, and helping them to do more.