Free food cafe and essentials shop

Donated food, given free in a community based cafe. Other supplies sold at cost.

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Camden Challenge - Thrive
What can we do to support people on low incomes in Camden to thrive?

Austerity cuts, current policies and legislation are creating malnutrition through poverty. The cafe will ensure those struggling will have something to feed their children, and themselves. It will be a supportive centre with some family events also, to strengthen relationships, which are often damaged when families face tough challenges.

Supermarkets such as Asda are now announcing all surplus food will be donated to charities. We hope to utilise such donations, as well as from individuals, to provide food for the cafe.

Run by the community for the community, an excellent central point to distribute not for profit essentials, bought in bulk and sold on, to our hard up residents, such as bread etc.

This is different from i.e. a soup kitchen as it will not be for the homeless per se, it will be open to all to eradicate feelings of stigmatisation by customers. A place of enrichment morally, socially and emotionally rather than just somewhere to find free food.