Travel Swap

Enabling access to free public transport and engaging people across communities

Image Submitted by Michael Dodds
Camden Challenge - Thrive
What can we do to support people on low incomes in Camden to thrive?

Many of those entitled to a free +65 travel pass don’t require it and conversely, many others struggle to afford the travel required to meet their goals and ambitions. Travel Swap would allow people to safely loan their wasted free travel pass to someone who really needs it.

Travel Swap is a simple online system with two entry points; one for those looking to loan their travel pass (Donor) and another for those wishing to access free public transport (Recipient).

Donors provide the duration for the Swap and specify if there is a particular person or group of people that they would like to help. They can also elect to meet the Recipient.

Recipients need to tell us how long they need the pass for, what they are going to do with it and any specific goals it will help them achieve.

Travel Swap checks the eligibility of the Donors and Recipients, makes the match, facilitates the Swap and sets up a new relationship between two community members who may never have met otherwise!